The prices for our services are individual and always depend directly on the specific project and its degree of difficulty. As the entire technological area is very extensive, it is always better to contact us in advance and we will prepare an accurate price calculation for you. We are able to realize individual websites managed by WordPress for an approximate price of CZK 15,000. Complex e-shops then cost around CZK 30,000 including complete graphics.

WordPress enviroment installation, templates, basic functions
7 000 – 18 000 CZK
E-commerce plugin, template configuration, basic functions
15 000 – 35 000 CZK
Cloud storage
10 000 CZK
Graphic templates, logos, visuals
5 000 CZK
Storage for web projects
1 000 CZK / year
Domain names
Domain name reservations, managing DNS
250 – 350 CZK / year
Website structure optimization for fulltext search engines
10 000 – 15 000 CZK
Network storage configuration
Backups and duality of data storage
10 000 – 13 000 CZK