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Pi Hole

DNS servers

DNS server to block ads or specific URL in private network

Pi Hole DNS server allows you to set up your own DNS records in your private network. Own DNS management allows blocking specific URL addresses. Thanks to this solution, you can completely eliminate ads in entire network…

Home Assistant

Smart home

Implementation of smart home systems

Projects for smart homes according to customer requirements. We implement a smart home in a local network without the need for an Internet connection. We use the Home Assistant solution, which enables the integration of digital elements…


Cloud storages

Server cloud storages

The Owncloud platform is licensed as an open-source cloud solution and serves as an alternative to paid cloud storage such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. It offers the same amount of functionality, including an application…

uloziste nas

Network storages

Configuration of NAS devices and network storages

We offer configuration and setup of NAS (Network Attached Storage) network storage. The duality of hard drives is a key feature of these devices and their availability can be both from the Internet and from the home…



Modern virtualization offers much lower operating costs

There are many tools for virtualization itself. Linux virtualization offers operational cost advantages.

Virtualization is a concept that many users do not understand. This is the efficient use of hardware resources…


Online marketing

Optimalization of content for better search engines results

We offer website optimization and marketing solutions. Effective keyword analysis. We will suggest the optimal structure of headings used in connection with the main content. There are a number of plugins for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) editing…