Projects for smart homes according to customer requirements. We implement a smart home in a local network without the need for an Internet connection. We use the Home Assistant solution, which enables the integration of digital elements with data transfer via the home Wi-Fi network. You can then choose from a wide range of components that can be connected to Home Assistant management. home Assistant also has a configurable application where you can see the values ​​from the sensors very clearly.

Websites with their own editorial system for managing content and supporting other extension variants. Worpdress meets exactly these requirements. One of the most widespread editorial systems, it is used all over the world and is translated into all world languages.

One of the strengths of WordPress is its security. Thanks to regular updates and a team of developers who regularly improve this editorial system, it offers a simple option to run your own website, blog, electronic business card, e-shop and much more.

All functionality requirements are implemented in the core of WordPress. There are plugins for WordPress if you require certain features and the basic core settings do not allow this feature. You don’t need to know programming to set up the plugin. You simply install the plugin in the administration environment and configure it on the next page.

WordPress is open-source, which means that the acquisition costs are zero. Some WordPress plugins are offered for free and others are paid. You can also purchase a graphic template for WordPress.

Check out our WordPress website building references on this page.

Woocommerce is an extension / plugin for the WordPress content management system. It is an extension of the basic functionalities and enables the electronic sale of goods. The extension is completely free just like WordPress itself and is very flexible in terms of individual requirements and settings.

The plugin offers many functions that you will appreciate for running an e-shop. You can also offer virtual products that can only be downloaded using the download button. WordPress itself offers a function for new user registration, which you can also use for Woocommerce to offer registrations for new customers.

Woocommerce basically offers, for example, discount codes, QR code payments, online payments, product categories, product variants and property settings. Thanks to other plugins for Woocommerce, you can adapt your sales exactly to your intentions.

Administration of the GNU Linux operating system. Basic web server settings, access rights and rights to the database layer. SSH/FTP/SFTP/SCP remote access settings. Setting up network protocols and security.

System management via SSH command line access without the need for a GUI. Scripts for automatic execution of commands (BASH). Setting up cron jobs. Uninstalling and cleaning the operating system.

The Owncloud platform is licensed as an open-source cloud solution and serves as an alternative to paid cloud storage such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. It offers the same amount of functionality, including an application for automatic data synchronization. Backing up local folders from your computer has never been easier. The advantage of Owncloud is that it can be installed in your local network, so you don’t have to be connected to the Internet at all. With the help of this solution, you can start the cloud service on your own server at home.

We offer management of the Microsoft Windows operating system. We can create home networks with shared folders, or remote management for Windows computers. We perform network settings, firewall, software activation, connecting printers and other devices. We install third-party software, including an offer of advantageous Office packages.

We offer configuration and setup of NAS (Network Attached Storage) network storage. The duality of hard drives is a key feature of these devices and their availability can be both from the Internet and from the home network. In the event of a mechanical or software failure of one of the hard drives, it is possible to replace the offending piece with a new one.

Josu network storage suitable for both companies and households where you need to back up data from all data devices. The storage can be connected to your computer as a new network drive and access to them is authorized by a username and password.

There are many tools for virtualization itself. Linux virtualization offers operational cost advantages.

Virtualization is a concept that many users do not understand. This is the efficient use of hardware resources and their efficient configuration during operation. Imagine a situation where you need to publish several Internet projects on one server. In order for your Apache to know that it will be a so-called multihosting, you need to set up several virtual guests. It is the same if you want to run several operating systems on one computer. You need to virtualize your computer so that it can divide its computing capacity into several segments. As already mentioned, you can simply increase or decrease these parameters for specific virtual machines.

We offer website optimization and marketing solutions. Effective keyword analysis. We will suggest the optimal structure of headings used in connection with the main content. There are a number of plugins for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) editing for CMS WordPress.

Thanks to the connection of the web and social networks, you can reach a wider audience. Among the marketing tools we definitely recommend are Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Google Search Console, Analytics and others.

Wireless technologies are currently used in modern data transmissions. Where it used to be necessary to lay cables, today it is already possible to use the compatibility of single wireless points. In some cases, wireless transmission is a better option, for example at longer distances where there is no need to implement active elements.

Wireless technology is now part of many homes in the form of a Wi-Fi router. Wi-Fi routers from Mikrotik offer more advanced home network setup options and are especially suitable for corporate networks.

Setting up Microsoft Teams for business use. Getting to know the main functionality of the conference software. Teams is used for organizing virtual meetings of several dozen users and offers a whole range of advantages and functionalities, which will be especially appreciated by lecturers for online teaching and seminars. It is a paid product from Microsoft when you order the basic package of Office 365. There are also alternatives of this application in the market which are free. It really depends on what you need to record for online transmission. Microsoft Teams offers a record of registered participants, which is convenient if you need to declare participation itself. We will be happy to advise you on the selection and setting of specific software.

Database layers are part of many web applications, and MySQL and PostgreSQL are undoubtedly among the basic types of Linux databases. All data with which the website works is stored in the database. Like, for example, a table in Excel, where each individual cell has its own index. Cells can contain a text string, a number, or the path to an image file.

The structure of the database also affects the speed of the web server with the database layer. The website itself can also work with large databases that contain a lot of data. In such a case, database optimization is an essential part of their regular maintenance.

Consulting in the field of information technology (hardware, software, internet) and proposals for complex solutions. We will pass on our experience with very specific projects, which we can flexibly adapt to your ideas. In the area of ​​the Internet, we know the environment of social networks, we can advise you which projects may be interesting for a wider range of visitors.

The creation of a website begins, for example, with the appropriate selection of a domain name, which can greatly affect the saleability of your goods and overall traffic. In the case of data infrastructure, you can save money if you consult with an expert about your expectations and requirements in advance.

Creation of graphic templates and designs of modern web design. From the visitor’s point of view, the graphic appearance of the website is as important as the content. The structure must be clear, simple and graphically natural. We can start from your own logo or from the product you offer. But we can also create an entire graphic presentation including brand strategy.

An original graphic template carries a considerable number of advantages. The graphic designer will create a unique template based on the services offered. The time required here is higher than in the case of ready-made templates, which are implemented after purchase in a matter of minutes.

Multimedia room for the organization of both face-to-face and virtual online trainings. We will advise you on the selection of suitable hardware that will enable you to transfer quality online audio and video signal. You can hold remote video conferences with the ability to save the entire recording and share content / virtual presentations when using Microsoft Teams software. Own multimedia space is one of the possibilities to offer your “events” to a wide audience and reach more interested audience.

We offer quality cloud hosting. We will ensure proper setup and availability 24/7/365. We offer regular redundant backups, so your data will be safe. For web applications, we use the Apache HTTP server in a Linux environment. Hosting also includes database services.

For emails on your own domain, we will arrange email hosting or set up the Microsoft Office 365 service. We will prepare new POP/IMAP mailboxes, and you can add your own mailboxes in the administration. The price of the service depends on the size of the mailboxes, the number of mailboxes is unlimited.

The most advantageous and systemically simple TimeMoto attendance systems. Possibility of attendance registration via fingerprint or face scan. It is also possible to purchase magnetic cards or chips. This system offers Czech support as well as its own software. One of the options is also the additional purchase of cloud space, which you can access from the Internet.

Powerful computers include the mini Raspberry Pi. It is available in several configurations, including the latest Raspberry Pi 4 series. Raspberry also includes the open source Raspbian operating system.

Mini computers have many advantages, one of which is mainly their size. You can place them in places where a classic desktop computer could not exist. We use them, for example, during video projections, where smart TVs often come into play these days. Very interesting is their use, for example, in smart homes, where Smart Home technology, software applicable to the Raspbian system, can be used.