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Above all, your product / brand must be easily searchable on the Internet. It is necessary to optimize selected keywords on the website and adapt the structure of the entire online presentation. Proper use of website headings and optimization of key content to make individual subpages easily searchable.

Social networks always require a modern approach and their visual aspect should meet certain criteria. For social networks, it is advisable to create certain forms of interaction, where you involve users, for example, in variable discount competitions. If you want to invest funds in brand promotion, paid campaigns through social media platforms are definitely worth it. It is also valuable, for example, to find suitable influencers who will cooperate in creating a brand. There are always certain possibilities to interact with more customers.

Bulk sending of informational emails is still a powerful promotion tool, but their content and graphic form must be interesting for customers.

The implementation of Google Analytics will help with the analysis of traffic and effectiveness of social campaigns.

Regular sending of information emails can reach not only existing customers. We offer a complete solution for newsletters and their management in the Sendy application. We will create graphics for an HTML template that you can change regularly and thus send an offer of your services or products at regular intervals directly to the email inboxes of your contacts.

Tools for optimizing keywords and URL addresses, not only for editorial systems. The Yoast SEO plugin is free and can do wonders with basic WordPress website optimization.