Hardware / software


We can save when choosing software solutions. We have an overview of available “opensource” systems. We can find affordable solutions but also on the commercial market. We will train you in the operation of the selected software.

We install the required operating systems and carry out their complete management. We will provide regular updates or activations of products and services. We manage the most used operating systems Microsoft Windows or OS Linux.

We will recommend tools and components that will save you time in managing the selected software or we will adapt the software to your requirements. We provide configuration of web servers.

Contact us if your operating system is slow or infected.


We will help you choose a personal or business computer. We advise on the selection of server solutions and other computer components. We offer the sale and configuration of personal microcomputers for the operation of digital services without the need to invest in expensive hardware.

  • We configure home or business routers
  • We will build a company computer or server
  • We will advise on the selection of suitable hardware
  • We upgrade a slow computer or improve its performance
  • We repair laptops and PCs
  • We will operate wireless networks