Finished projects

Our references are listed on this page. These are the last internet projects that I implemented for our clients. All the listed websites include an editorial environment in which customers edit their content. The graphic form was also part of the project.

Nabytek Safr

Eshop build on Upgates e-commerce. New graphic template with implemenation of eshop functions.


Web build on CMS WordPress for medical service prezentation in Prague. Contact form ordering function.


New website build on WordPress. Information website for medical device in Prague including gallery and contact forms.

Delux Catering

New website for gastro services in Prague. Main request was an original graphic template and contact forms.

Feel English

Web transfer from unknown CMS to WordPress and adding the new functions which was impossible to manage with old CMS.

VIVO Consult

Request for better management system and multilanguage website.

Nebeske dobroty

E-shop for selling home products.

Walter Facility Services

Request for new website functions. The template was purchased from Code Canyon.